Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Show and Tell: "Love Rescue Me"

In Glee Club today (yes, my school has a glee club, and no, we're not trying to imitate the show... completely), we were thinking of more music we could perform which could be found in a choir-friendly arrangement.

Very quickly, I thought of this song, "Love Rescue Me" by U2. I had seen it performed in a documentary called Playing for Change, which covered various musical groups and individual artists working to bring about understanding between peoples through music.

The choir in the video below, the Omagh Community Youth Choir, is one such group. Founded in Northern Ireland, the director's mission from the beginning was to bring together Catholic and Protestant kids, in order to break down the prejudices and stereotypes which have divided them from each other for who knows how long.

This is taken from Playing for Change, and it is the Omagh Community Youth Choir's rendition of U2's "Love Rescue Me". Enjoy!


  1. that song is really soothing and the man talking about his experience with violence was sad!

  2. It just amazes me how brutal people can be to one another. I don't think I'll ever understand the animosity between Irish Catholics and Protestants. That level of violence died out long ago elsewhere in the world.

  3. took me a while in all my errands and kids to have a quiet moment to listen to this. I'm glad I took the time and waited till it was quiet. that was awesome. my fav bit was right at the end where he was talking about music being powerful enough to resonate across the world.

    also, Glee/Chorus is awesome.

  4. It's super awesome that you're in a glee club! I can't watch the video while I'm at home because of stupid bandwidth issues, but I'll bookmark this so I do when I'm back at school... from the sounds of it, it'll be worth the wait. :)

  5. Glee is a lot of fun. Just a bunch of kids making music together on Tuesday afternoons. :)

    Addie, you'll love the song. It's beautiful.