Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Are you saying that you used to be a woman?"

Had a better day today. The one major bummer was that the guy I asked to Tolo isn't able to go. Luckily, he would have loved to if he could, but he has a really legitimate reason not to go (his brother's got his Eagle Scout Court of Honor). Ah, well. Time to ask teh gayz! Or an Anti-Tolo. That way I can be with my friends who hate dances.

But that was pretty much overshadowed by a lovely happy known as THEATRE.

Yep, now that my drama teacher is back after several months of dealing with a ruptured L-4 in his back, we started having auditions for the annual children's show at my school! Every year, Mr. Henderson (my teacher) chooses two or three seniors to write a one-act play geared towards kids, and it's performed not only in the evenings, but during the day as well, and the elementary schools come and see the productions while the students in the show get to skip school all day.

I've never had the chance to be in it before, so this year, I'm giving it all I have to get in. :)

I'd forgotten just how much fun auditioning with your friends really is (I haven't tried out for a play since June). Today was the first day, and everyone let loose, cheered people on, and had a great time. I can tell that this is going to be an excellent show. It's hilarious.

Here's hoping I get in! *crosses fingers*

I missed theatre.

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