Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost done!

My last two finals are tomorrow, and I'm really not worried about them.

Today went well, though I really am looking forward to spending time with my friends tomorrow. I mentioned them last week on here, in a very sentimental-bordering-on-sappy post after one of them came out to his parents.

These are my friends. :) I took this picture of them today and I felt like posting it.

I joke a lot about being a f*g hag, and among my friends, I like to say that boys don't talk to me unless they're gay, but honestly, it's times like these that make it all worth it. To me, there's something miraculous about two boys or two girls who are unafraid to come together and say "Yes we care about each other, yes we're going to kiss each other in public, DEAL WITH IT." It's just incredible to me, and I love it when it happens, because in high school, it's so rare.

Thank God for the gays, because they have courage where no one else does. Thank God for my friends.

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