Friday, January 14, 2011

(belated Thursday post!) It's one of those days...

...that you hope you remember for a long time after it's gone.

Two of my friends kind-of got together (it's high school), and one of those friends, after a certain complicated chain of events, came out to his parents, though not mentioning that "There's a cute boy in my life and we're thinking of going steady."

Coming out to family is intense. You don't know how they'll react, you don't know what to say or not say. My friend, as with all things, dealt with it with courage and wisdom beyond his age. I'm dreadfully proud of him.

I've been a part of this romantic comedy craziness since the beginning; heck, I was there when these guys met. I feel blessed to have been able to be a witness and a guide to my dear friends, and I wish the absolute best for them in their coming adventures. Much love to R.M. and C.U. <3

(I wrote this out late last night on my phone, but for some reason, I had no internet connection, so I had to wait until today to post it.)
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