Monday, January 3, 2011

The Blogging Challenge

"Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity!" -Elphaba from Wicked

"Pura Vida!" -Unofficial national motto of Costa Rica

"There is only one race- the HUMAN race!" -Gandhi, among others

Kiel vi fartas?: Mi estas TRE okupita. (I'm VERY busy.)

Dear Readers, I have taken on a challenge- blog every day for the month of January. If nothing else, it will give you plenty of (hopefully) interesting reading material. This idea was proposed by the lovely Addie Gecas, and I thought it'd be worth it to give it a go.

That being said, I obviously can't write every day about progress in Esperanto. That would get extremely old, extremely quickly. So, instead, I'll just do everything from posting interesting videos/photos to writing about things which fall under the more general umbrella of "becoming a global citizen". What does that mean? Can ANYone do it? (hint: yes)

So how are you going to start this off? know, I really don't know. It's the first day back from winter break, and I'm already exhausted. I guess I'd just like you all to wish me the best in this merry excursion into insanity.

Ooh! Here's some awesome news!

Back in mid-December, I competed in a poetry slam with other young writers in my school district (including the lovely Michael Abraham). After reading two of my favorite compositions, and hearing everyone else read (and skillfully, might I add), the judges announced that the winner was... me!

Shocking, no? I never win anything, but somehow the judges took a liking to my politically-charged words and wanted them published in the local paper. That, I thought, was pretty awesome.

Well, good for you!


Okay, I'm going to get off before I trail into jibbering randomness.

But first, I would just like to say that though my blogging is scant, I really do enjoy writing when I can, and I can only hope that you enjoy reading what I write.

Until tomorrow, readers!


  1. Wow, congratulations on winning the poetry slam! That really is awesome. :)

  2. I look forward to watching you go cyber-mad, my dear. :) I'll be there with fuzzy blankets and steaming coffee when it's all over.

  3. Thank you, sweetie! I'm looking forward to seeing your play. <3

  4. Oh, gosh, it probably doesn't matter at this point, but would you mind changing my name in this post to "Addie Marie"? I try to keep my last name/location private from my blogging & such, though it might be futile. Thanks, dear!