Sunday, January 9, 2011

Once more into the fray...

and thus, another week of school begins for this blogger.

it sucks that i cant capitalize or use more punctuation when blogging from my phone.

stupid phone. xp


  1. Your blogging from your cell? Omg girl!
    Well what kind of cell do you have? :)
    I blog mostly using my itouch iPod! It's so much
    faster cuz I have the blogger app! Can you get the App?

    Anywho, school is important and soon when it's over, you'll miss it
    like I do. The freedom, my room, the fresh new sharpen pencils in my bag!
    I know, weird. But you'll miss it.


  2. I have a Droid. I might have to get the app, if it'll let me capitalize. :)